As a registered non-profit, Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen (GNFK) abides by the terms and agreements set out by the BC legislation. As a registered Charity, GNFK meets all requirements and expectations of the Canada Revenue Agency.  GNFK is made up of Board of Directors who bring a wide array of skills and expertise that assist in the task of governing the organization.

We are blessed to draw on an exceptionally broad range of talents and experience of members who contribute to the guidance and growth of GNFK.  But we would be nothing without our volunteers.  Every volunteer gives freely of their time, skills, and resources and to them we are forever grateful.  

As stewards of the community’s financial donations, we are committed to transparency.   We understand that the public has invested interest in how GNFK operates. It is our promise to use all charitable donations appropriately.  We are accountable to the public, donors, sponsors and to our dedicated volunteers. 

Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen was founded in 2006 by like-minded individuals who wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of residents from the Downtown EastSide Vancouver (DTES) and the Lower Mainland. With the basic principle of Sikhism, “Sarbhat da Bhalla” (well being of all), the organization established its motto as, “Love All Feed All” and began serving cooked meals for those in need. 

We are now blessed to support the community by providing hot nutritious meals to those who are hungry every weekend.  With the help from generous donors, we are able to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by also providing essential items. We have the ability to mobilize quickly to offer emergency relief for those who are affected by disasters.  As a pillar in the community, we are inspired to be a resource to other organizations.

Again, this growth has been made possible through our many volunteers who provide service by embodying the values of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Our basic principles

  • KIRAT KARO (work hard and honestly)
  • NAAM JAPPO (always remember God)
  • WANND CHHAKO (share with those in need)

- Guru Nanak Dev Ji

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