No one should be hungry. Love All, Feed All. Now we can, 7 days a week with partial funding and participation in a new fundraising initiative that we can ALL be part of just by doing something we all take part in every single day …. Recycling Beverage Containers. I am sure you have heard and maybe even participated in the Return-It Program for single-use beverage containers – well now it is time to help save our environment as well as help raise monies that are much needed for on-going building costs and food supplies at GNFK’s new home, 245 East Hastings St, Vancouver.


This phone number is the link to the GNFK account at the Express kiosk depot – it acts as our account number and tells the Express system who to credit your refunds to.

What type of bags can I use with the Express system?

The Express system requires customers to use clear/transparent bags that are 70-75 litres in capacity.

Is there a limit to the number of heavy containers (i.e. glass bottles) I can place into one Express bag?

To prevent breakage and for the safety of depot staff, we ask that customers put a maximum of 12 glass bottles in each Express bag. Other lighter containers like aluminum cans or juices boxes can be used to fill the bags and cushion the glass. For larger glass bottles, it may be necessary to put in less than 12 bottles to prevent the bag from getting too heavy.

Do I have to take the caps off my containers?

No, there is no need to remove the caps from your beverage containers when returning them at the depot. Beverage containers with or without caps are accepted at the depot, but whenever you can, leave the caps on or put them in your Express bag to ensure all plastic pieces are recycled.

Consistent with our 2019 focus to enhance the customer experience at the depots, starting June 15, 2019, all beverage containers returned at the depot with caps on will be accepted for recycling.

Do I have to remove the straws from my containers?

For containers that have a straw, like juice boxes or pouches, push the straw back in the empty pack when you are finished with your drink before disposing of. This step will ensure all parts of the package go through the proper recycling process. .

What types and sizes of milk and plant-based beverage containers will you be accepting?

Return-It collection sites will accept all “ready-to-drink” milk and plant-based beverage containers of various sizes, purchased on February 1, 2022 or later. Containers that are NOT included in the program are those not meant primarily as “ready-to-drink”, such as infant formula, meal replacement or dietary supplements, coffee cream and other coffee additives, whipping cream, buttermilk, drinkable yogurt and kefir.

Can I crush/flatten my milk, plant-based beverage containers?

It’s best that the containers are not crushed or flattened. Depots look at the label, barcode and other identifying marks to establish that they were purchased in B.C. this ensures us that the deposit was paid and can be refunded. If the containers are crushed or flattened, they may not be able to verify the container and will not be able to provide a refund of the deposit.

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