Every year in December GNFK collects and delivers 2500 to 3000 of brand new toys each year. Toys go to local schools, shelters, Indigenous groups and community organizations. We do our best to try to match toys with age and gender of the children they are going to. We desire to create personal connections with the groups we help, not just a drop off of bulk toys.

In 2021, we were also able to send toys to the Merritt and Hope flood victims.
We have had hundreds of volunteers come out, support and help organize this event every year.

Langar (food) is provided every year to the organizers, volunteers and the community partners who come to pick up toys. With your support we hope to keep growing this event every year!!!

Our community partners include but are not limited to:
Sikh Academy
Covert Security
Khalsa School
West Coast Truss
Connect FM

If you like to donate and get involved please email: info@gnfk.org

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