Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen is founded in the basic principle of Sikhi

– the Well-Being of all –

and has established its motto as Love All, Feed All


To engage volunteers to deliver hope, dignity and service in an effort to support those in need.


Driven by Sikh principles, our vision is to alleviate hunger, care for the earth, and positively contribute to society as a whole.

Core Values

Hope: We give hope through the teaching of Sikh principles.

Equality: We reach out to support others without discrimination or bias.

Dignity: We respect and value each other, recognizing everyone’s worth.

Stewardship: We responsibly manage the resources entrusted to us.

Service: We act from our heart, allowing us to connect deeply, without pride, ego, recognition or reward.

Mentorship: We build on-going relationships, nurture empathy and encourage teamwork through volunteer opportunities that help people develop kindness and consideration of others.

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