Engaging youth in volunteerism brings countless benefits for the participants and the community. For participants, volunteering has been known to improve mental health, help cultivate valuable relationships and provide leadership opportunities.  GNFK welcomes and engages young volunteers benefiting from their diverse perspectives and innovative ideas.

Today, young people are facing many barriers including a rise in mental health issues. There have been multiple studies showing that volunteering increases happiness and supports mental health. Providing opportunities for youth to contribute to a cause greater than themselves provides meaning and purpose. Volunteering also provides younger people with the opportunity to find mentors and develop relationships that may help them in their future careers. For those who are facing barriers such as poverty or being a newcomer, these connections can provide opportunities they may not have otherwise been able to experience.

Leadership development is another valuable opportunity to be gained from volunteering. In volunteer roles, young people may get the opportunity to do work they wouldn’t get to do in an entry-level paid position. They may be able to plan events, develop communications plans or even lead teams. These experiential learning opportunities are invaluable for gaining the experience required for future employment and may give participants a foot in the door with the organization.   To join the GNFK Future Leaders please fill out our Volunteer Form

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