At Our Location

November 2021. GNFK purchased a permanent location at 245 E Hastings St Vancouver (Downtown Eastside Vancouver – DTES). The acquisition was made possible due to generous donations from the community via fundraising events and an interest free loan of $1.5m from a supporter. Β 

We are currently in the process of ongoing extensive renovations to the building (which will consist of a fully functional commercial kitchen and residential units.Β 

Short term goal is to serve 7 days a week Guru Ka Langhar (free nutritious vegetarian meals and drinks) to those in need (residents of the DTES). Est. Opening Date: Summer 2022.Β 

Future plans Β include offering free counselling, health clinics, meditation facilities. Β 

Without your support we will not be able to successfully launch our progammes. Your continued support is appreciated. Β 

To donate and help GNFK serve the needs of DTES, please click here

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