Since October  2006, Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen (GNFK) has been feeding those in need in the Downtown Eastside Vancouver (DTES) and other areas in the Lower Mainland (BC), under the principles of Guru Nanak, Love All Feed All.
Meals are prepared by teams of volunteers every weekend.  The main weekly event is serving at the Downtown EastSide Vancouver (DTES) every Saturday at 1pm and every Sunday at Noon (12pm).  Over one thousand free nutritious hot vegetarian meals and drinks  (Guru Ka Langhar) are cooked by volunteers with love and dedication. The following is the weekly tasks (process) performed by volunteers:     Grocery items are delivered by the sponsor family at least 2 days before the weekend.  A grocery list is provided to the sponsor family by a GNFK volunteer, food prep team gather the donated grocery items and hence, experienced cooks with the assistance of other volunteers (including sponsor family) cook in large pots (rice with vegetables, daal or chana, rice pudding), chai and hot chocolate,  and orange juice for over 500 people.  Once the meals and drinks are ready, they are loaded onto the GNFK truck (kindly donated by Khalsa Credit Union), and hence, transported to DTES (Hastings St / Main St, Vancouver outside Carneigh Centre).  The GNFK Serving Team will set up serving stations upon arrival of the truck.  Once all the meals and drinks are served, the serving stations are cleaned along with areas in close proximity.  The truck then heads back to Sukh Sagar Gurdwara New Westminster BC, upon arrival the GNFK Cleaning volunteers will make sure all the serving containers etc are washed and dried and placed back in truck ready for the following week.
The above seva (selfless service) is only possible due to volunteers, sponsor families and of course with the blessing of Guru Nanak.  GNFK is grateful to Guru Nanak for the opportunities to serve over 1.1m meals since 2006.  Every meal is blessed with Ardas (prayer) for the well being of those in need.  
If you would like to sponsor weekend Guru Ka Langhar please email
GNFK is looking forward to serving meals 7 days a week once the renovations are complete at 245 E Hastings St (new permanent facility).

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