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February Newsletter

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Our New Building

In mid 2021, a fundraising campaign was launched to raise $2M in order to acquire a permanent facility in Downtown East Side, Vancouver. GNFK succeeded in acquiring in November 2021. We completed the purchase of 245 E Hastings St Vancouver, a two-level building in the amount of $1,525,000 plus applicable taxes. This was possible due to the generous loan provided by the Marc Anthony Group and numerous fundraising efforts. To date, GNFK has raised over $770K and the building is currently in the midst of asbestos removal and planning for renovations. The goal is to have the building operational by the summer of 2022 with a fully equipped commercial kitchen. We will serve free, hot, nutritious meals, 7 days a week. GNFK will continue to provide you with monthly updates in this newsletter. Thank you for your ongoing support. 

2021 was a particular testing year for most of us.  This video encapsulates GNFK’s involvement in many nationally and internationally recognized projects that affected millions of people. With successes achieved by the support of our local community, we have grown tremendously.  Thanks to the help from our loyal and generous sponsors, donors, and volunteers, we have achieved triumphant goals. From a single bag of rice, to a $100,000 donation. Every contribution made it possible for GNFK to assist those in the most need through some of the hardest times. Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and your blessings.  Please take a moment and enjoy the video.

What is Seva?

Baltej Dhillon

Seva – Selfless Service
The concept of “Seva” is a foundational pillar for anyone who is interested in expanding their understanding of personal identity and growth as an individual  and is a central pillar of Sikhism. I was blessed to have grown up in a small town in Malaysia where the youth of that neighbourhood would gather, be welcomed, and take part in preparing langar – meals for the congregation, every weekend. The langar was prepared not only for those who were practicing Sikhs, but for anyone who was in need. I remember filling containers for families in need with food from the langar and their appreciation.

I found the same experience and commitment in Vancouver with Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen where volunteers prepare the langar and serve to those in need. Preparing and serving is only a small part of the effort, the larger part is about being present, kind, compassionate, caring, empathetic, non-judgmental and to see the creator in the other. These ARE the foundational requirements of Seva, without which there is a risk of ego, arrogance, and pride to corrupt the effort. The practitioners of Seva are constantly on guard and along with the physical contribution, also commit to personal work of constant reflection, commitment to a life of integrity and self-improvement. This is why Seva brings with it, the opportunity to have a deeper relationship with our purpose and brings us into a circle of Seva Practitioners who help us grow. I am incredibly thankful to have had that opportunity from a young age and now with Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen. Our children have also experienced “Seva” and we as parents have seen how it has shaped their compassion, care, integrity, and humanity. I would encourage every family to make and bring the richness of  “Seva” into their lives. What one gives in effort and time is returned a hundredfold and cannot be replicated any other way. 


Did you Know?

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"Nanak Naam Chardi Kakla, Tere Bhane Sarbhat Da Bhalla" - Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji " Good health and prosperity to all" - Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

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